Spa in the Golan Heights

Luxury Spa at Kibbutz Afik

At the heart of Afik Resort Village lies our spa sanctuary.
Body and soul are one, and we believe that a true vacation blends the two seamlessly.
The spa is meticulously planned and designed to ensure a holistic experience for our guests, catering to those seeking a day of relaxation and indulgence even without an overnight stay. In the spa you will find several well-equipped treatment rooms, a well-groomed and luxurious courtyard and a wide and professional range of treatments from various disciplines of the highest level.

Variety of techniques and
treatment methods

The Spa is managed and led by Hani Lavie.
Hani has extensive experience and is a certified multi-disciplinary therapist, proficient in a wide range of massage therapies, including acupuncture, crystal and Tibetan bowl treatments, as well as palmistry and card readings
The spa treatment method combines a variety of techniques and therapy methods with a holistic approach, including Shiatsu rhythms, energy balancing, stretching, and warm oil application, all in combination with the use of bowls, Tibetan bells, crystal bowls, and more.

Dry Acupuncture (western)
In the Western approach, needles are inserted at trigger points (instead of chi points), also known as pain points, for a short amount of time and accompanied by massage.
Swedish Massage
The Swedish massage technique is based on a scientific method of moving the soft tissues in combination with active and passive movement of the joints.
Cupping therapy
The principles of cupping therapy are similar to those of acupuncture - increasing blood flow (Chi, life energy) to the area where the flow is "stuck" and "stagnant fluids" remain, similar to clotted blood.
Hot stones
During a Hot stone massage, heated stones are placed on specific parts of your body. It's used to help you relax and ease tense muscles and damaged soft tissues throughout your body.
Card Reading
Card reading is one of the ways to receive messages for ourselves and others and allows us to develop the ability to establish communication with our higher guidance.
Healing Sounds
We will learn to understand the overtone healing sound of the Tibetan bowls and different types of bells, plunge into healing meditation, listen to the body, breathe, and pour energy into the centers of power.

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